Aide et Action Magazine n°163 – In the face of climate change: Education!


In this issue


EditorialEducation is the most effective tool for preventing and adapting to the consequences of climate change, by Charles-Emmanuel Ballanger, CEO of Aide et Action


  • From Aide et Action to Action Education
  • India – Supporting girls that are affected by HIV/AIDS through education
  • Burkina Faso – Allowing young girls to find their way back to school

Special Report. In the face of climate change: Education!


  • Benin – Fighting against the taboo subject of the monthly period
  • Burkina Faso – Launch of the ACTE Africa project
  • India – Unleashing girls’ potential through IT
  • Cambodia – Investing in women’s entrepreneurship

In short

  • Webinar Education, carrier of empowerment for girls and women
  • Aide et Action in the media

Witness report. Deepika, social worker involved in the Pahal project led in New Delhi, India, for children of sex workers I know that education can change their lives

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