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Education changes the world

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 1.6 billion children were deprived of education due to school closures, seriously exacerbating the learning crisis that had already been raging for several years. To date, more than 7 out of 10 children in developing countries cannot read or write a simple sentence even after several years at school, which compromises their future and that of the world.

More than ever, action is needed. This is the conviction that drives us at Action Éducation (formerly Aide et Action).

Education is a fundamental and non-negotiable right for everyone, but many are still deprived of it. Today, 250 million children are not educated and over 700 million adults, 2/3 of whom are women, are illiterate..

That's why our association is working to guarantee the right to education for everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable (children, girls, women, minorities....).

Our missions

Action Education is involved in many battles to ensure that the right to education is recognised and guaranteed by governments. The aim of all these programmes is to ensure free, high-quality and inclusive education for all. Discover our daily commitment to children and vulnerable populations, so that in addition to access to education and training, all their fundamental needs and rights are also guaranteed.

Defending the right to education

Today, 258 million children and adolescents of primary and secondary school age are not in school. Action Education's mission is to ensure that every child, girl and boy, has the right to an education.

Access and Quality of Education

Poor learning and teaching conditions lead millions of children to leave school without basic skills. Action Education supports people and governments in their education projects.

Education of girls and women

Women and girls are still too often denied access to education and the labour market. Action Education runs programmes to eradicate the gender inequalities that still deny girls access to education.

Child labour

160 million children are currently forced to work around the world, jeopardising their development and education. Action Education is working to put an end to this violation of children's rights.

Early childhood education

Children, from their earliest years, must be protected and provided with an education that allows them to develop harmoniously in order to promote their future social and educational integration.

Health education

Going to school is not only about learning to read, write and count. It is also about having the knowledge to eat well, to know how to prevent diseases and to recognise certain pathologies.

Youth and adult education

Action Education develops vocational training offers to provide the possibility of lifelong learning.

inclusive education

258 million children, adolescents and young people in the world who are still excluded from education for reasons such as disability, poverty, origin or isolation.

Our actions
in the world

For over 40 years, Action Education has been working to access to quality educationIn addition to the above-mentioned countries, the European Union is active in Africa, Latin America/Caribbean/Haiti, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Our partners are committed to education