Raising environmental awareness in schools in Madagascar

photo credit: Aide et Action

For the second consecutive year, Aide et Action volunteers in Madagascar organized an awareness campaign on the importance of the environment. A reforestation operation with students was carried out in partnership with several schools.

The volunteer forum has decided for the second year running to raise awareness of environmental protection among pupils. The aim is to make them aware of the impacts of climate change and to involve them in concrete actions.

Aide et Action's volunteers in Madagascar, grouped within a national forum, number more than 200 in the country, of which about two-thirds are women. The team is very active and is regularly involved in concrete actions with disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

A reforestation activity A tree planting project in the school grounds of the public primary school of Ampangabe, west of Tananarive, took place on 9 April 2022. The aim was to enlarge the tree site around the school and to replace any dead plants. This allowed each student to plant a tree with the assistance of volunteers.

Madagascar, a country highly exposed to the impacts of climate change

At the heart of this activity, the students were made aware by the volunteers of theimportance of ecology through fun learning activities on the themes of reforestation, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. The volunteers also raised the students' awareness of the harmful impact of deforestation on the climate and the ecosystem. Madagascar is one of the countries most exposed to the effects of climate change in Africa, with more frequent and intense cyclones, floods and droughts in recent years.

Aide et Action has been present in Madagascar for 31 years. Its projects include the PAEB (Education Support Project)The project, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, aims to support the construction of 200 new classrooms and 100 toilets in 100 schools across the country.

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