"CLASSROOM RESCUE": the very first free online game on Education!

For the start of the 2020 school year, Aide et Action is launching "CLASSROOM RESCUE", a new online game, free of charge and based on solidarity, whose objective is to (re)build a school! Produced in partnership with the LS agencyThe game will raise awareness of the issues of access to quality education around the world. 

The "CLASSROOM RESCUE" action takes place in one of the association's fields of intervention. You are at the side of our teams; in front of you, a classroom, empty, stripped and dilapidated. Your mission? Keep the children occupied while Aide et Action teams install, renovate and improve the classroom's infrastructure and equipment. How do you do it? Nothing could be simpler: at the controls of a puzzle game (such as "Bubble Shooter"), you align the bubbles of different colours to make them burst and empty the screen. The more bubbles you pop, the more children are occupied and the more teams can work on improving the classroom.

At each level, "Louise", a member of Aide et Action, will explain the problems encountered and the solutions to be implemented to give access to quality education to as many children as possible.

Fun and meaning! 

"CLASSROOM RESCUE" is inspired by the history of Aide et Action projects in Togo since 1986. Although it is fun, it is also instructive and educational since, at each level, it informs and raises awareness about the major issues of education in the world: access and quality of education, early childhood, women and girls, etc. In each chapter, it is necessary to clean up, equip the classroom, recruit a teacher, rethink the layout of the room to accommodate more children, especially more girls, install electricity to improve learning conditions, etc.  

But the game does not stop there, as it offers each participant real power to act: thanks to the acquisition of "boosters", which are not compulsory, via PayPal, players who wish to do so will be able to progress more quickly in the game. The money paid for these "boosters" will, in fact, be donated to 100% for Aide et Action and its field projects. A great way to play for a good cause! 

An independent game, free of charge and in solidarity

Out of respect for the users who support its actions, Aide et Action has decided not to offer the game on the usual platforms which systematically charge a percentage on in-app purchases and reserve the right to control the content of the applications. "CLASSROOM RESCUE is therefore a totally independent and free game, only available on the dedicated website www.classroomrescue-thegame.com

Just like a regular application, once you have downloaded the game and connected it to a wifi or 4G, you can add it to the home screen of your smartphone, computer, tablet etc. with a single click. All you have to do is click on the icon to start the game instantly. 

Don't delay: over 200 levels of adventure await you to save a school and, with just your fingertips, help improve access to quality education for everyone in the world! 

To play CLASSROOM RESCUE go to the website: www.classroomrescue-thegame.com

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