Press release " CLASSROOM RESCUE ": the first online game on Education!

Paris, 7 September 2020. Aide et Actiona development through education association, is launching "CLASSROOM RESCUE, an online game, free of charge and based on solidarity, aimed at raising public awareness on the major challenges of education in the world and Aide et Action's areas of intervention. At the beginning of the 2020 school year, complicated by the HIV pandemic, Aide et Action has decided to talk about the lack of access to quality education in many developing countries. 

In France, as elsewhere, the global health crisis has highlighted the consequences of school closures as well as the limitations of distance learning. As the 2020 school year begins, complicated by the COVID-19 pandemicAt a time when the education of children and youth is more than ever at the heart of the concerns of politicians, teachers and families, Aide et Action has decided to talk about the chronically non-existent schools and classrooms in many countries, as well as the lack of access to quality education, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. 

Inspired by the history of Aide et Action's projects in Togo since 1986, the solidarity game "CLASSROOM RESCUE" developed in partnership withLS Agency, takes place on one of the association's fields of operation. The player is partner to the Aide et Action teams. Their common mission: to restore and support a fictitious school and classroom. "CLASSROOM RESCUE" has 200 levels of "Bubble Shooter" type puzzles. At each level, "Louise", Aide et Action's imaginary staff, explains the problems encountered and the solutions to be implemented in order to give access to quality education to a maximum number of children. Thus, underneath its playful aspects, the game is instructive and pedagogical as it informs and raises awareness on the major issues of education in the world and on Aide et Action's areas of intervention: access and quality of education, early childhood, women and girls, etc. 

Furthermore, "CLASSROOM RESCUE" offers each player a real power of action: thanks to the acquisition of "boosters", which are not compulsory, via PayPal, those who wish to do so will be able to progress more quickly in the game. The money paid for these "boosters" will, in fact, be donated to 100% for Aide et Action and its field projects. 

To be noted: Aide et Action has decided not to offer the game on the usual platforms that systematically charge a percentage on in-app purchases and reserve the right to control the content of the applications. "CLASSROOM RESCUE is therefore a totally independent and free game, only available on the dedicated website

In 2019, more than 90 billion euros and over 558 billion hours were spent on mobile games. In 2020, Aide et Action proposes not to change anything: keep on playing, but for a good cause! 

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Aide et Action was founded in 1981 as an association for development through education, ensures access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations, especially children, girls and women, so that all can take control of their own development and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. We promote lifelong learning because access to quality education helps to fight poverty and disease, limit climate change and build peace in a sustainable world. We focus on early childhood care and education, access to and quality of education at primary and secondary levels, as well as vocational training and social inclusion. Based on the values of dignity, inclusion and integrity, as well as on the principles of transparency, accountability and solidarity, and thanks to the support of our 51,000 donors, we are currently running 83 projects in Africa, Asia, Europe - and particularly in France - for more than 1.9 million children, young people and adults.

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