In Côte d'Ivoire, our partners work together to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of a vulnerable community

Photo credit: Vincent Reynaud-Lacroze

Thanks to collaborative and complementary work, the Orange, Bel and SUEZ Foundations, which are accompanying us on the ground in Côte d'Ivoire, are offering better living conditions to the population by giving them access to basic social services such as quality education, health and water.

The village of Tilbonindouo, located in the Gontougo region of Côte d'Ivoire, has 2,000 inhabitants, including 500 children of primary school age. Particularly isolated, it is unfortunately very poorly endowed in terms of basic infrastructure. The only community school for the children had no electricity, no water point and no latrines, and was finally completely destroyed by the winds in July 2020.

Faced with these glaring needs, Aide et Action decided to act to provide a complete and adapted response with the support of three partners; each one intervening in its own field of expertise. The Orange Foundation is financing the construction of a new school and a health centre, the Bel Foundation is developing a school canteen and a vegetable garden, and the SUEZ Foundation is supporting the construction of two boreholes for access to drinking water as well as the installation of latrines, with the technical assistance of Aquassistance.

The deployment of multiple skills and synergies 

In this way, the major, and sometimes interrelated, problems faced by the community will be addressed simultaneously. The poor school conditions, the lack of food for the children, the difficulty in accessing health care and the lack of drinking water are needs that have been identified and that will all be met by next summer.

For Aide et Action, this multi-partnership work allows for a particularly relevant global response. By bringing together for the first time three corporate foundations working in different sectors of activity, we have established a complementary relationship that makes sense thanks to the deployment of multiple skills and synergies.  This is done while respecting the social missions of each.

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