In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Aide et Action launches "iDream Learning App", a distance learning application for marginalized children

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While the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 crisis deprives 1.5 billion children of education, Aide et Action is doing everything possible to ensure educational continuity within its projects. In India, our teams have just launched the mobile application "iDream Learning App"The aim is to provide uninterrupted access to learning for the most isolated children living in rural areas.

On April 23, Aide et Action officially launched its learning application "iDream Learning App" in India. Aimed at marginalized children in particular, it aims at providing uninterrupted access to complete and adapted educational content, allowing for the holistic development of the youngest and the improvement of their academic and cognitive skills.

Breaking down the language barrier

Most Indian children living in rural areas go to school using the local language of instruction, which is different from their own mother tongue. Their ability to follow lessons well is therefore greatly reduced. For these learners, the use of the application that includes both the local language and the mother tongue allows for better understanding and therefore improved results.

The iDream Learning App offers a range of learning modules not only in Hindi and English, but also in other local languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Oriya.

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Enabling everyone to realise their dreams

Education plays an important role in transforming people's lives and an application like iDream Learning App can help reduce school dropouts, even in times of crisisCharles-Emmanuel Ballanger, Director General of Aide et Action, said at the launch of the application. I hope this will help many children, especially girls, to continue their education and fulfil their dreams. "

For Savy Lach, deputy director general of the association, the timing is particularly important: " The launch of the iDream Learning App is an appropriate step in this time of global health crisis. It is an appropriate solution to deepen lessons and provide learning activities within reach of every child in the absence of school ". He also expressed his interest in deploying the application elsewhere, especially in Cambodia and Laos, where Aide et Action is already promoting different learning contents to children in primary schools.

Most of the populations we support live in remote areas and do not have access to learning resources and infrastructure. This is why Aide et Action strongly believes that the iDream Learning App is a particularly relevant digital tool for bridging these educational inequalities and reaching out to learners who have been left behind.


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Find our application on the google store: iDream Learning App


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