Living in a leper colony - Uzma's testimony

photo credits: Gilles Oger


Although leprosy was eradicated in India in 2005, over the last 10 years it has made a worrying comeback in the country, condemning thousands of families to live in "leper colonies". Action Education strives to ensure an educational continuum for the children living there. Watch the video testimony of Uzma, for whom we were able to guarantee a quality education.


Uzma's video testimony: "I want to become a teacher".

In the leper colonies in India, poverty is rampant because it is impossible for the sick to engage in paid work. Begging is becoming commonplace. Due to lack of means and stigmatisation, children no longer go to school. In communities like Uzma, young people have no hope. Uzma was lucky enough to find the Action Education teams on her way. Thanks to our local staff, she was able to join the Enlight programThe project aims to protect the country's most vulnerable populations, especially girls, and give them access to quality education. Here is her testimony.


Action Education's Enlight programme in India

key figures for the Enlight project

With the support of our donors, we were able to :

  1. Strengthen community educational governance (effective functioning of schools) ;
  2. Provide children with access to expanded learning spaces through information and communication technologies (ICT); Promote better health and hygiene practices;
  3. Investing in the protection and rehabilitation of children's environment;



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