Access to education for all children in Mali (PACETEM)




Improving access to quality primary education for out-of-school children

On the educational front, the main issue in 2021 was the reopening of schools closed due to the security crisis. In November 2021, 1 621 schools were closed, affecting 9 726 teachers and 486 300 students. The national education conference, held in December 2021, recommended matching the education system to the labour market, as well as access to basic social services for people with disabilities. 

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Mali |2018 À 2022|Access and quality of education 

 Mopti and Ségou/San regions

The aim of the project

Increase access to academic education for pupils in renovated Koranic schools in the academies of Mopti and San.

To increase access to quality primary education for children living in a geographical area of 3 km without a school or with a low population density, from nomadic communities, who have dropped out of a school in an area with a school (from the most disadvantaged families), who are too old to be integrated into a traditional primary school, or who are disabled.

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What we did

Key figures

  • Supervision of schools that were able to function during the year (12 renovated Koranic schools in the pedagogical animation centres (CAP) of Djenné and Sofara, 4 one-classroom schools in the CAPs of Djenné and San and 3 new classical schools in the CAPs of Djenné and Sofara);
  • Monitoring and evaluation activities (checking the profile of enrolled children, preparing retention forms, filling in monitoring and evaluation forms on the functionality of the schools);
  • Data collection activities for the development of concept notes; Contribution to sponsorship correspondence.

renovated schools

new supervised schools

supervised one-room schools

Our partners

 Teaching academies in Mopti and San . Centres d'animation pédagogiques (CAP) in Mopti, Sevaré, Djenné, Sofara, San, Tominian and Yangasso  . Education Development Center (EDC)

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