Access to and retention in schooling for people living in precarious housing in France




Facilitating the entry of the most excluded children into school

In France, despite a school enrolment rate of between 98% and 100% for children and young people aged between 6 and 16, thousands of children are still out of school because of their administrative situation (refugee and migrant children, living in precarious housing or shanty towns, with an itinerant lifestyle, undocumented, etc.).
These 'invisible' children, who often suffer racism, discrimination and stigmatisationThe only interlocutors are the associations who intervene in their living areas and accompany them in all their procedures (administrative, school, etc.). Indeed, the national education system's reception facilities, designed to facilitate their access to education, are struggling to reach them.

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France |2018 À 2024|Access and Quality of Education & Education in Migration Situations

 department of seine-saint-denis (93)

The aim of the project

Since September 2018, Action Education has been supporting the Askola association in the implementation of this project aimed at facilitating the entry into school of the most excluded children. The project is organised around 4 axes: Encouraging children to stay in school and succeed at school and contributing to the social and professional integration of families. Supporting the families of these children in their administrative procedures (school enrolment, etc.); Raising awareness and/or supporting educational teams in welcoming children and their families; Helping children to succeed at school through educational activities and school mediation; Helping to strengthen the Askola salaried team (financing the posts of mediators and educators/field coordinator).

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What we supported

Key figures

  • 339 children were involved in the activities; among them, 200 were enrolled in 86 schools in 22 municipalities, mostly located in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), but also in Paris (75), Val de Marne (94) and Val d'Oise (95);
  • 170 families were monitored and supported in their administrative procedures and in monitoring their children's schooling via school mediation activities
  • 95 children (28%) were lost to follow-up during the year. In 47% of the cases, this was due to evictions, leading to breaks in schooling, and changes in living arrangements for them and their families.



Our partners

ASKOLA (poperational partner) and its partners *. Fédération du Crédit Mutuel Ile de France (financial partner in 2021. Fondation du Crédit Mutuel (financial partner in 2021 and 2022)

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*Association nationale recherche technologie ; Délégation interministérielle à l'hébergement et à l'accès au logement ; Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis ; Fondation BNP Paribas ; Fondation Caritas France ; Fondation de France ; Fondation Lucq Espérance ; Fondation Société Générale ; Préfet de la Seine-Saint-Denis ; Ville de Saint-Denis

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