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Providing a better future for children (especially girls) through quality education

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the Indian education system. According to UNESCO, by 2020, an estimated 320 million learners were unable to attend schools or universities. The digital divide has continued to deny education to thousands of disadvantaged children who do not have a smartphone and/or an internet connection. The majority of pupils enrolled in public primary schools were the most affected by this inequality. For them, school is not only a source of education, but also of food and nutrition and protection from early marriage, domestic violence, sexual exploitation and child labour.

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India |2015 À 2026|Access and quality of education|Focus Girls

9 cities in India: Bengaluru; Chennai; Delhi; Hyderabad; Kolkata; Mumbai; Pune; Salem & Trichy

The aim of the project

To provide a better future for children living in difficult circumstances (especially girls) through continued access to quality education; To provide better living conditions for girls from the most disadvantaged backgrounds through education.

Through 45 Child Support Centres (CSCs), Project Enlight engages with girls to improve their basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, develop analytical skills, soft skills and life skills for their holistic development.

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What we did

Key figures

  • Strengthening community educational governance (effective functioning of schools) ;
  • Children's cognitive development through access to expanded learning spaces using information and communication technologies (ICT);
  • Promotion of better health and hygiene practices ;
  • Protection and rehabilitation of children's environment;
  • Support to over 2,500 girls from specific, vulnerable and marginalised groups in 9 Indian cities.


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