Innovative approaches to early childhood literacy and numeracy in Laos




Almost 20% of students do not continue their studies beyond grade 5ème year

Prior to COVID-19, nearly 20% of students in Lao PDR were unable to continue their education beyond Grade 5[1]. Of those who reach Grade 4, almost a quarter cannot read Lao correctly or add up single-digit numbers. The lowest achievement is among children living in rural areas, from ethnic minority groups, and for whom Lao is not their first language. With the advent of COVID-19, unequal access to online learning has made these children even more vulnerable to learning loss.

To support this project :

[1] World Bank

Laos: |2019 to 2023| Access and quality of education 

2 provinces: Oudomxay- Vientiane


The aim of the project

To improve the learning outcomes of ethnic minority and marginalised children by promoting the quality of early literacy and numeracy education and by using information and communication technologies (ICT) such as tablets, smartphones, computers and projectors.

Play-based learning methods are at the heart of this work, with an emphasis on activities that encourage exploration and hands-on learning, singing, dancing, art, counting games etc.

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What we did

Key figures

  • Action Education has developed a learning application in Lao language and mathematics - available on the Google Play Store - now in place in 30 schools.
  • We also trained ICT teachers, parents and community members in child rights and development and learning, and organised play-based learning activities in 29 villages.

schools have access to our learning application

villages have organised learning through play activities

Our partners

  District Education and Sports Offices . Centre for Information, Communication and Technology, under the Ministry of Education and Sports . Institute for Educational Research, under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Sports . Ministry of Education and Sport . Provincial education and sports services . National University of Laos 

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