Support for governance and relay initiatives for quality education in Benin (AGIR)




Improving educational provision for disabled and/or vulnerable children in Benin

In Benin, at the educational level, the quality of education and the improvement of access for all levels of education are the priorities of the government and its five-year term 2021 - 2026. At the level of secondary education and technical and vocational training, the National Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training and a new institutional framework for the management of training establishments are being implemented. 

To support this project :

Benin |2019 to 2023|Access and quality of education & Education for sustainable development, peace and global citizenship (including participatory local governance of education) 

 department of the Atlantic - 8 municipalities: Abomey-Calavi, Allada, Kpomassè, Ouidah, Sô-Ava, Toffo, Tori-Bossito and Zè

The aim of the project

To contribute to the improvement of educational provision in response to the needs of disabled and/or vulnerable girls and boys in Benin.

Improve access to and retention in primary education for girls and boys aged 5 to 11, who are most at risk of dropping out, through the implementation of a package of adapted services; Improve school performance and its sustainability in the project's intervention areas; Strengthen the synergy of actors in the local dynamics of education governance. 

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What we did

Key figures

  • 170 schools, 45,749 children, including 21,179 girls, 1,989 adults and 36,754 people involved in our activities;
  • 7 tricycles given to 7 children with disabilities;
  • setting up a database of vulnerable children by commune (a total of 8,073 children);
  • Delivery of 49,125 school kits for all classes (20,062 girls involved);
  • 17 schools/51 classrooms equipped with solar electrification kits and 34 electricians trained;
  • Providing all 80 schools with first aid kits;
  • Completion and commissioning of 8 drinking water access points - including 4 boreholes and 4 connections - for 8 schools; Completion and commissioning of 29 blocks of gender-sensitive latrines in 15 schools. 
  • Organisation of remedial courses for 4,640 pupils, including 2,038 girls.


school kits delivered

latrine blocks put into service


classes equipped with electrification kits

students attended remedial courses

Our partners

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) . NGO DEDRAS (Atacora) . Plan International Benin

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