TILBONINDOUO village in Ivory Coast




Improving living conditions in the village of Tilbonindouo

On the educational front, the government has decided to reinstate Wednesday classes. In July 2021, a general assembly on education was organised with a view to building an efficient and excellent school (return of dictation in the first cycle; subdivision of the school year into three terms totalling 32 weeks of classes; differentiation of coefficients in the first cycle of secondary education, with the highest coefficient applied to French and mathematics; restoration of examinations for promotion to the next class for all levels of primary education, from CP1 to CM1; training of student teachers in three years (as opposed to two years). 

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Ivory Coast |2019 À 2021|Access and quality of education & health education

 Gontougo Region - Commune of Bondoukou - Village of Tilbonindouo

The aim of the project

To improve the living conditions of the community of the village of Tilbonindouo and the surrounding population.

To improve the teaching and learning conditions of primary school-age children.

Facilitate access to quality food for students.

Promote a healthy and clean working environment within the school.

To improve access to health services for the 10,000 inhabitants of the village of Tilbonindouo and its surroundings.

Facilitate access to drinking water for the population.

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What we did

Key figures

  • Equipping the school, the health centre and the school canteen with tables/benches, sanitation materials and kitchen utensils;
  • Construction of a school (3 classrooms, headmaster's office, canteen) and a health centre (6 rooms, hall, corridor, latrines, depot for general medicine and the extended vaccination programme);
  • Successful pleas to the regional directorate of national education and literacy for the allocation of teachers to the primary school and to the departmental health directorate for the allocation of a nurse to the health centre;
  • Free school kits for all existing levels, from CP1 to CE2.


inhabitants whose access to health services has been improved


Our partners

 Commune of Tilbonindouo . Bel Foundation . Orange Foundation - Ivory Coast . Orange Foundation - France . Suez Foundation . Ministry of Education . Ministry of Hydraulics . Ministry of Health . NGO Soleil Levant/Education . Prefecture of the Bondoukou region . Sub-prefecture of Laoudi-Ba

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