Citizens' Movement for Education for All in Bulgaria, France and Romania (MoCET)




Mobilising citizens to commit to access to quality education

To contribute to a world at peace, more just, united, sustainable and inclusive, by mobilising citizens, in their diversity, in favour of access to quality education for all.

To support this project :

Bulgaria-France & Romania|2020 À 2025|Access and quality of education, Education in migration situations, Training and professional integration & Education for sustainable development and global citizenship

The aim of the project


To enable committed citizens to mobilise and act for the education of vulnerable and marginalised populations living in precarious habitats;

Mobilise citizens to commit to access to quality education for all people around the world.

The activities carried out within the framework of this project are carried out with our associative or institutional partners, the involvement of artists (writers, illustrators, directors, graffiti artists, etc.), people concerned by precarious housing and volunteers from Action Education France.


What we did

Key figures

  • A Junior Magazine designed, produced and broadcast on the theme of "Education in times of crisis";
  • A Junior Magazine designed, produced and broadcast on the theme "Tell us your dreams for tomorrow";
  • Participation of 9 volunteers in 2 awareness-raising training sessions on access to quality education for all and creation of a Forum Theatre play on the right to education for all by 9 volunteers;
  • Cycle "Becoming an actor for peace": 2 primary schools and 75 pupils involved, 16 activities for CM1/CM2 carried out, 10 volunteers mobilised.

Junior magazine produced and distributed


Junior magazine in development


Our partners

Césaria Evora College in Montreuil . The Enchantied School . Médecins de Monde Bulgaria . MAN Ile-de-France (Movement for a Non-violent Alternative) . STEA . Theatre of the Fugue

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