Citizenship actions by and for all children through education in Burkina Faso (ACTE Afrique)




Empowering children and young people as agents of change

To contribute to better access to rights by empowering children and young people as agents of change in citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable development.

To support this project :

Burkina Faso |2021 À 2024|Education for sustainable development, peace and global citizenship (children's rights, citizenship, social cohesion, environment, peace, living together)

Ouagadougou - Districts 8 and 10  

The aim of the project

To improve access for all children, young people and marginalised groups in the territories concerned to the full exercise of their rights as citizens (civil status, access to school and basic services); To strengthen the knowledge, capacities for appropriation and action of the actors (in particular children and young people) on the content and scope of children's rights and citizenship as levers for social cohesion and sustainable development; Valorise experiences and good practices for a better involvement of public authorities and other actors in favour of access to children's rights and the promotion of citizenship and sustainable development.

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What we did

  • Recruitment of staff (project manager, technical assistant and accountant) ;
  • Acquisition of office and logistics equipment ;
  • Staff training on management procedures ;
  • Training on change-oriented approaches (COA) ;
  • Signing of 2 collaboration protocols with the 2 partner town halls.

Our partners

 French Development Agency (AFD) . Youth associations . Provincial Directorate of Pre-school, Primary and Non-Formal Education . Provincial Directorate for Human Rights and Civic Promotion . Directorate Provincial Directorate in charge of Gender and National Solidarityathe . Regional Directorate for Post-Primary and Secondary Education . Mayors of districts 8 and 10 of the Ouagadougou commune

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