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Improving the quality of formal education

To contribute to improving the quality of formal education in Benin and to respond to the educational needs identified by the communities.

To support this project :

Benin |2020 À 2022|Access and quality of education & Education for sustainable development, peace and global citizenship (sustainable development and environment)

Department of Zou - Communes of Ouinhi, Zagnanado and Zogbodomey

The aim of the project

To improve the learning and achievement conditions of 9,000 school children and 500 people in 60 targeted communities; To improve the knowledge and teaching practice of 420 teachers in the 60 targeted schools; To build the capacity of communities, local elected officials and parent-teacher associations in the 60 targeted schools in participatory local governance.

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What we did

Key figures

  • 40 schools electrified and equipped with solar kits and maintenance kits for 15,647 pupils;
  • 2 boreholes constructed for the benefit of 763 pupils, including 347 girls, in 2 schools in the commune of Ouinhi;
  • 5 blocks of latrines built and information and awareness-raising sessions on hygiene, cleanliness and citizenship in the school environment provided in 40% schools for 1,003 learners, including 476 girls;
  • Organisation of remedial courses for 12,518 pupils;
  • 40 schools supported with teaching kits; 5 schools provided with resource materials for the benefit of 2,215 pupils, including 1,024 girls, and 48 teachers, including 5 women;
  • Use of the books in the classroom and provision of a space to facilitate on-site consultation by teachers;
  • 1 school and 3 school districts equipped with computer kits to support learners and teachers in continuous research;
  • Promotion of excellence at school through the rotating organisation of a maths and French competition;
  • 6 pedagogical advisors, 399 teachers from 60 schools trained on innovative themes (inclusive education, gender-sensitive education, citizenship, civics, peace, education in emergency situations and sustainable development);
  • 34 equipment management committees (102 people - 3 per school) dedicated to the use and maintenance of the equipment set up and trained on preventive maintenance of solar equipment;
  • 1,773 people from the three communities, including 747 women, targeted for various training courses;
  • Literacy courses for over 500 people.

schools electrified

students received remedial classes

pupils benefit from the documentary collections

equipment management committees set up

people from the 3 communities trained

students benefit

learners trained in hygiene and cleanliness

schools trained on innovative themes

people benefited from literacy courses

women from the 3 communities trained

Our partners

 French Development Agency (AFD) . Departmental deconcentrated services for nursery and primary education, environment and water

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