Enlightened School Resource Centre for Quality Education in Burkina Faso (EECREQ)




Improving the quality of formal education

To contribute to improving the quality of formal education in Burkina Faso and to respond to the educational needs identified by the communities.

To support this project :

burkina faso |2020 À 2022|Access and quality of education & Education for sustainable development, peace and global citizenship (sustainable development and environment)

 Province of Gnagna, commune of Manni- Province of Ziro, commune of Cassou

The aim of the project

To improve the learning and achievement conditions of 9,000 school children and 500 people in 60 targeted communities; To improve the knowledge and teaching practice of 420 teachers in the 60 targeted schools; To build the capacity of communities, local elected officials and parent-teacher associations in the 60 targeted schools in participatory local governance.

EECREQ Project 1 Copyright Stefano Maggi

What we did

Key figures

  • 60 electrified schools meet quality and inclusion standards;
  • 33% schools with water, hygiene and sanitation facilities ;
  • 7,044 students (51% girls) benefit from support classes and have access to resource centres;
  • 357 teachers trained in innovative teaching methods (70% put them into practice) ;
  • 842 people, including 56% women, literate and trained in trades;
  • 1,235 people, including 36% of women, made aware of the benefits of renewable energy.

schools electrified

pupils (51% girls) receive support classes

literate people


of schools have access to water and sanitation

teachers trained in innovative methods

people aware of renewable energy

Our partners

 French Development Agency (AFD) . Ministry of National Education, Literacy and Promotion of National Languages and its decentralised services . NGO Tin Tua . NGO Ziro Poni . Manni, Coalla and Cassou town halls

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