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Curbing the rural exodus and preserving the environment

Despite the rapid development of rural infrastructure and hydropower projects, the unemployment rate is at a historically high level of 5%, compared to 2.7% in 2019. This is mainly due to the return of expatriate Bhutanese to their country and layoffs following the pandemic-related economic downturn. The Bhutanese economy has lost about $2.2 million since 2020. 

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 Punakha District

The aim of the project

To curb rural-urban migration and preserve the environment by enabling rural youth to acquire livelihood skills and benefit from sustainable employment opportunities within their own communities; To revitalise the cultural heritage of rural communities and promote the sustainable use and management of renewable natural resources to generate income by adopting development projects such as organic tea production in the forest, ecotourism, etc.); 21 villages are economically self-sufficient. 

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What we did

Key figures

  • 2,036 young people were directly involved in our activities,
  • 5,000 people were indirectly affected by our activities,
  • The project was able to mobilise 1 million Ngultrums (Nu. - about 12,300 euros) for the construction - with the Punakha Dzongkhag Administration - of the MGV ECCD centre, an educational model to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education among pre-school children,
  • The Ministry of Education mobilised two specialists in place-based education on a three-year delegation; Youth cooperatives were supported in diversifying their activities (bakery in Thinleygang and orchid cultivation in Mendrelgang).

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Our partners

 Punakha Dzongkhag Administration . Youth Development Fund - Bhutan

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