Support for the Reform of Colleges - Phase 2 in Togo (PAREC II)




Contribute to improving college completion, particularly for girls

In terms of health, the application of barrier measures has enabled economic activity and schooling to resume. In this context, the educational challenges in 2021 were: improving the quality of the education system and the reception infrastructure; strengthening and improving the training of teaching staff; equitable integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) into the education system.

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Togo |2020 À 2024 |Access to and quality of education & Education for sustainable development, peace and global citizenship (including participatory local governance of education) - Focus on girls

 maritime regions, Plateaux and Savannah

The aim of the project

To improve the capacity and conditions for the reception of secondary school students by providing infrastructure and equipment in 135 public secondary schools;

Improving the governance of 175 public secondary schools through school projects, the fight against violence, the promotion of gender equality, educational and socio-professional guidance.

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What we did

Key figures

  • 10,639 people informed and made aware of the project's fundamentals and issues;
  • 88 Secondary School Resource Management Committees (SSRMCs) established and trained in their roles and responsibilities;
  • 22 COGERES trained on procurement: 88 peer educator clubs established (with 1,760 students, including 880 girls);
  • 24 project staff trained in child protection, gender-based violence in schools, gender and gender-sensitive education.

people made aware of the project

trained project staff

resource management committees established

Our partners

  French Development Agency (AFD) . Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education and Handicrafts . Plan International Togo 

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