Support for girls' schooling in Senegal (SCOLFILLE)




Supporting the enrolment, retention and success of girls in Senegal

In education, the challenges were: the reduction of temporary shelters/construction of classrooms; school support for children with learning difficulties; care for children outside school; the involvement of local authorities and grassroots communities in the life of schools; the reduction of violence, particularly against girls; increased funding for early childhood; and the orientation of pupils towards scientific subjects (32.6% at national level).

To support this project :

Senegal |2021 À 2022|Access and quality of education - Focus on girls

 Regions of Kolda and Fatick 


The aim of the project

To support the enrolment, retention and success of 300 girls - from rural areas and particularly at risk of dropping out of school - in 5 colleges in 5 municipalities.
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What we did

Key figures

  • At least 75% of the 300 girls accompanied by the project have reached 3rd grade;
  • They were each provided with school supply kits and feminine protection (washable sanitary towels);
  • All 5 colleges were provided with a laptop, 50 tablets, a video projector and 2 external hard drives with large storage capacity.


of the 300 girls accompanied reached 3rd grade

colleges with computers, tablets, etc.

Our partners

 Directorate of Middle and General Secondary Education . Ensup Africa . L'Oréal Women's Fund . Virtual University /ENO Kolda

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