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Promoting the social and economic inclusion of families living in the Satmarel neighbourhood

In Romania, more than 49% of children are at risk of living in precariousness and therefore of experiencing significant difficulties in accessing health and education, as well as exclusion and discrimination. This is the case for populations that are particularly marginalised and excluded by and in Romanian society, particularly in terms of education and socio-professional integration. In terms of education, the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests place the country second to last in the European Union, just before Bulgaria.

To support this project :

romania |2018 À 2025|Access to and quality of education; Education in migration situations & Education for life (training and professional insertion)

 City of Satu Mare - Satmarel district

The aim of the project

To promote the social and economic inclusion of families living in the Satmarel neighbourhood:

Keeping children aged 6 to 14 in school by improving the quality of education and the reception of children and their families by the school; Working with parents to involve them more in education and make them more autonomous; Proposing, through the creation and maintenance of a solidarity garden, to increase the level of employability and the skills of young adults


What we supported

Key figures

  • 96 children and young people aged 3 to 18 were monitored in and out of school;
  • 126 children aged between 4 and 16 received school supplies, school bags, shoes and clothes;
  • 18 parents carried out school support activities with their children and with the support of Stea. Among them, 10 mothers were involved in various workshops (sewing, market gardening, etc.), in educational activities on family resource management and in parenting support;
  • 10 young adults and adults were monitored in their efforts to achieve socio-professional inclusion;
  • 648 hours of literacy training (in Romanian language and mathematics) were provided remotely during the periods of confinement and face-to-face afterwards for 66 children.

children aged 3 to 18 monitored in their schooling

parents have carried out school support activities

hours of literacy training provided

children received school supplies

young adults followed in their inclusion process

Our partners

 Holy-Dis (financial partner) . STEA (operational partner) and its partners*.

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*National Anti-Drug Agency of Romania; French Embassy in Romania; AsociatiaGir 2003 Satu Mare; Association Acces la Viitor; Regional Association of the Food Bank of Oradea; Association SfantulAcoperamant al MaiciiDomnului; CCFD-Terre Solidaire; Departmental Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance; Directorate of Social Assistance of the city of Satu Mare; Departmental Directorate for Youth and Sport; General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection of Satu Mare; Octavian Goga School of Satu Mare and its branch in Satmarel; Swiss Foundation; Grenoble Isère Romania; School Inspectorate of the department of Satu Mare; French Institute in Romania; Satu Mare City Hall; Organizația Umanitară CONCORDIA; Pam-Pam Mix Bt; In Stare de Bine Programme for NGOs supported by Kaufland and implemented by the Foundation for Civil Society Development; Rotary Satu Mare; SC BRELAINTSRL; SC CIMERIENSRL; SC DAC SPEED TRAVELSTL; SC DEALU MARE CONSTRUCTSRL ; SC GABORBOBYCONSTRUCTSRL ; SC INSPIRE SH MARKETSRL ; SC ROUMASPOTSRL ; SC UnicarmSRL ; SC ZENOBIU BUILDING SRL ; Secours populaire de Roubaix ; Société nationale de la croix-rouge de Roumanie, filiale du département de Satu Mare ; Solidarité enfance Roumanie ; SOMIPRESS ROMANIA SRL ; St Kinderen in Satu Mare ; UNIQUAAsigurari SA 

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