Integrated project for the provision of basic social services and community mobilisation at state primary schools (Ivory Coast)




Improving living conditions in the village of Tilbonindouo

The project aims to improve living conditions, particularly access to education, health and drinking water, for the inhabitants of the village of Tilbonindouo. Located 115 kilometres from Bondoukou, Tilbonindouo has just one community school, consisting of 3 very dilapidated classrooms. They have no electricity, water or latrines, which poses serious problems in terms of pupil reception conditions and the quality of teaching. The village, which has a population of 2,000, has no health centre or dispensary.

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Ivory Coast |2019 À 2021|Access and quality of education & health education

 Gontougo Region - Commune of Bondoukou - Village of Tilbonindouo

The aim of the project

To improve the living conditions of the community of the village of Tilbonindouo and the surrounding population.

To improve the teaching and learning conditions of primary school-age children.

Facilitate access to quality food for students.

Promote a healthy and clean working environment within the school.

To improve access to health services for the 10,000 inhabitants of the village of Tilbonindouo and its surroundings.

Facilitate access to drinking water for the population.

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What we did

Key figures

  • 2 modules of three classrooms equipped with furniture and electricity
  • 1 latrine block
  • 1 pedestrian-operated borehole and 1 borehole with a solar-powered hydraulic pump and a 6,000-litre polytank fence
  • 2 teachers' lodgings equipped with 4 solar floodlights
  • 1 nurse's quarters equipped with 2 solar-powered floodlights
  • 300 tables, 14 chairs, 7 desks for teachers and headteachers
  • State-assigned nurse and experienced care assistant
  • 3 teachers, including 2 permanent teachers assigned to supervise the schoolchildren
  • 1 fully equipped and operational community health centre
  • 1 fully equipped school canteen
  • 1 courtyard to allow schoolchildren who live far away to have a nap after lunch.

teachers assigned to supervise pupils

tables provided for students

equipped and operational community health centre

Our partners

Prime Energy/Cleantech . Bel Foundation . Orange Foundation - Ivory Coast . Orange Foundation - France . Suez Foundation . Masaline Foundation / Institut de France . Suez Foundation. Operational partner(s) : NGO Soleil Levant

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