Presidential election 2022: a ministry for children and youth on the agenda?

1 March 2022

40 days before the first round of the presidential elections, the "From Convention to Action" dynamic, of which Aide et Action has been a member for the past 3 years, is calling on both male and female candidates via a powerful video! The objective is to make children's rights a priority for the next five years by giving France a ministry dedicated to children and youth. 

In March 2027, it is time for me to look back on five years as Minister for Children and Youth Affairs ". These are the words that begin the speech of the first ever French Minister for Children and Youth in the new video published on 1 March by the "From Convention to Action!. And his report, which is rather pleasing, leaves one dreaming, since it presents a France that has made childhood one of its priorities.

Fiction or reality? 

For the time being, unfortunately, such talk is more fiction than reality, because France, despite significant progress and a marked interest in children's rights, still does not have a ministry dedicated to children and young people. As a result, policies or strategies related to childhood are currently insufficient to effectively address the many difficulties faced by children (physical and moral violence, poverty, poor housing, disability, lack of access to healthcare, difficulties at school, etc.) and the lack of effectiveness of their rights.

Making children a priority

For the From Convention to Action" dynamic, Only a ministry dedicated to children and youth would enable us to break out of the current silo logic and facilitate the development and implementation of more efficient public policies for children and young people. It would favour a global and multidimensional approach to the situation of children and young people and would allow the implementation of a real strategy for children and young people as well as the active participation of children and young people in the development of public policies that concern them. 

A message for the future President

On the occasion of the presidential campaign, the 25 members of the "From Convention to Action" dynamic, are therefore calling on the candidates via this futuristic video and inviting them to take a position on the creation of a ministry dedicated to children and young people. A position paper containing concrete proposals for the creation of this ministry is available to the candidates and has been or will be given to them during meetings with the campaign teams. 

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