Presidential elections 2022 : Aide et Action calls for the creation of a ministry for children
8 April 2022

Alongside 24 organizations and collectives members of the "From Convention to Action" dynamic, Aide et Action is asking for the creation of a ministry dedicated to children and youth, a parliamentary delegation for children's rights at the National Assembly and the reform of the Children's Parliament. Our only objective: to obtain a better effectiveness of children's rights in France and in the world! 

It is more than 30 years since France ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the first binding text to make children full subjects of law. However, despite a major interest in children's rights and significant advances such as the appointment of a Secretary of State for Children and the adoption of a law on child protection, in 2022 France still does not have a ministry dedicated to children and youth.

Childhood, the great forgotten of the elections

For the "From Convention to Action! Aide et Action has been a member since 2019, but only such a ministry would make it possible to get out of the current silo logic and respond effectively to the many difficulties facing children (physical and moral violence, poverty, poor housing, disability, lack of access to health care, schooling difficulties, etc.) and the lack of effectiveness of their rights.

A ministry for a better effectiveness of children's rights

This is why the Dynamique "From Convention to Action" has been calling on the presidential candidates for several months with the aim of convincing them to create a ministry for children and young people if they are elected. This is the only way to implement a real strategy for children and young people and to guarantee the active participation of children and young people in the development of the public policies that concern them. This participation of young people remains limited in France for the time being, as revealed by "Children and young people want to be listened to", a booklet produced by the Dynamique following a national consultation of over 700 young people between July and December 2021. More than 73% of young people answered that they felt they were little or poorly involved in decisions that concerned them. 48.5% even explained that they were unaware of the forums available to them.

Improving children's participation in France

In order to remedy this situation, the Dynamique "From the Convention to the Acts" addresses two demands to the future deputies who will be elected during the legislative elections of June, namely the creation of a parliamentary delegation for children's rights and the reform of a Children's Parliament. This parliamentary delegation for children's rights would be responsible for improving the effectiveness of public policies relating to children by informing the assemblies of the consequences for children's rights of the policies promoted by the government and by ensuring the follow-up of laws relating to children. Among other things, it would make it possible to draw up child-centred budgetary analyses to measure the effectiveness of public policies, to identify the resources and actions that concretely benefit children and their families, to monitor the evolution of the funds allocated and to optimise their use so that they are in line with the needs of children and their families. The delegation would work closely with a reformed Children's Parliament. The latter, unlike today, would be an effective body in the development, implementation and monitoring of public policies. It could be consulted on legislation that has an impact on children and issue opinions. It could initiate reflections on issues raised by children and young people, drawing on their own expertise and experience to formulate proposals. 

The tasks, objectives and details of the Ministry for Children and Youth and our proposals for the parliamentary delegation for children's rights and the reform of the Children's Parliament are available in two explanatory notes available on the website of the "From Convention to Action!

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