Citizenship and the media in practice

Citizenship & sustainable world | Basic education | Studies, surveys & capitalisation | Educational guides | Digital & media
Year of publication: 2016
Language: French
Location: Africa | Latin America-Caribbean | South Asia | South East Asia | Europe | Senegal


Media literacy is generally referred to in two ways. It is considered either as a tool for deciphering media messages, or as a support for developing writing and reading skills. The dimension of communication or exchange, however intrinsically linked to the notion of "medium", is rarely present. Through the experience of Action Education with French and Senegalese teachers in the framework of the project Learning Together through Cooperation and Media Education (AECEM), we have been able to see that cooperation is at the heart of all communication and that this dimension should be placed at the heart of educational practice. In this booklet, the third volume of the "Education and Citizenship" collection, you will find tools that have been tested in schools in France and Senegal, in various educational contexts. This booklet is particularly aimed at primary school teachers, educators and facilitators who wish to set up citizenship education projects by working on the link, through the practice of the media. It can also be used as a basis for work by secondary school teachers (cycle 4) and to nourish the reflection of media education professionals.