MAG Junior 2024 - Young people from Bulgaria, Romania and France tell us how they want to inhabit the world

Access and Quality of Education | Citizenship & Sustainability | Inclusion | Magazine
Year of publication: 2024
Language: French
Location: Bulgaria | Europe | France | Romania


With MAG Junior 2024, Action Education wants to promote the expression of young people living in precarious housing supported by our partners in Europe: Médecins du Monde in Bulgaria, Stea in Romania, and CL.A.S.S.E.S in France.

In order to facilitate the expression and psychosocial well-being of young people, an important prerequisite for learning and essential for socio-professional success, we have invited our partners to run workshops on the following themes Let's live in the world! with the support of artists and professionals of their choice (videographer, photographer, podcast creator, illustrator).

Are you a youth worker or teacher working with young people aged 13 to 16? We offer youlead activities related to the MAG Junior theme : Let's live in the world! Just like the "inhabitants" of MAG Junior 2024, give them a voice through creative activities such as creative interviews!