A video message from Madhu Panday, Programme Officer at Action Education in India

Gender equality is a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But in India, gender equality is still far from being a reality. Girls and women women continue to live in a patriarchal society where they are discriminated against, deprived of their basic rights, including any decision-making power. 

Last October, members of our French team went to Delhi to follow the evolution of our projects in the field. They met Madhu Panday, who has been in charge of programmes at Action Education for the past 5 years. Madhu wanted to send you this video message.

YouTube video

In India, Action Education works to raise awareness of the importance of girls' education. It is the only way for girls to acquire the essential skills to train, advocate for their rights and become self-sufficient. The Enlight projectThe project, conducted by Action Education, addresses the obstacles faced by the most vulnerable girls on their way to education (girls in prostitution, working girls, girls with serious diseases such as HIV, girls with disabilities, girls in extreme poverty, girls in migration). 

The challenges are immense but, with the support of Action Education improves access to primary education for vulnerable girls, the functioning of schools and the learning and hygiene conditions of children.

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