Girls of Today, Women of Tomorrow: Mini-series "What message would you like to pass on to the little girl you were?
28 February 2023

Photo credits: A-E THION

What message would you like to convey to the little girl you were? This question, which was the subject of a mini-series, was put to several women from different backgrounds who share Action Education's values and mission to support the education of children, women and vulnerable people around the world. A dive into the heart of their childhood, within the framework of the International Women's Rights Day.

Girls are the women of tomorrow and the future of the world. An educated girl is a woman who is aware of her rights and responsibilities and, above all, a bearer of hope and lasting solutions to the various economic, climatic and social crises that plague the world. Our association is aware of the major role that women play in the global and integral development of our various communities. It is for this reason that it is taking advantage of this day to reiterate its commitment to women's rights and its mission to promote their education.

This mini-series is above all a message of hope and an inspiring testimony of living examples for millions of girls around the world. Through laughter, emotions, commitment and above all the will to move forward and change things, discover the surprising testimonies of these exceptional women, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians. Click quickly below to see the 5 videos in a row, they will follow each other automatically.

And what would you say to the little girl you were?

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