iLEAD youth set to re-write their future
4 February 2019

Just imagine a homemaker, who until a few months ago never saw a computer, is now making a living working as a Computer Operator. Sarala Devi is one such transformed tech-savy woman who after completing the 4-months ITES course in iLEAD is earning INR 10,000 a month and supporting her family. Same is the case of Angarika, and Kanaga Valli, both school dropouts who are now working as Carpenter and Customer Retail professionals after the successful completion of the vocational skill course offered by iLEAD in Chennai. Both earn a decent INR 9000 a month.

It was a festive sight when all the 200+ iLEAD graduates, who completed their courses in 2018, came to attend the convocation ceremony to receive their course completion certificates and share their success stories. Each youngster had a distinct story to share.


All the youths, mostly from marginalized communities are trained in the skills chosen based on counseling and individual assessment. Along with the technical skill training, the youths underwent soft skills and basic management skill training which are essential in their professional as well as personal life.

The iLEAD Chennai centre run by Aide et Action is one of the four centres funded by Royal Enfield Academy for Skills. The other 3 centres are operating from Gurugram. The iLEAD programme has trained more than 2,33,000 youth across the globe with more than 76% of these trained youth employed in the organized sector while 13% have started their own enterprises.

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