Aide et Action is joining the CHS Alliance
22 juillet 2020

Aide et Action is now a member of the CHS Alliance (Core Humanitarian Standard) or the Fundamental Humanitarian Standard of Quality and Accountability which brings together 150 members from humanitarian and development sectors committed to the implementation of « the standard of quality and accountability ». The CHS Alliance is a global alliance committed to improving aid to people by ensuring that the organizations providing that aid are accountable to the people they serve.

In the landscape of international solidarity, there are many active organizations responding to a humanitarian pressing need, of course, one question remains central: how to improve both quality and effectiveness of the intervention? It is from this questioning that the CHS Alliance was born.

The populations concerned are at the heart of humanitarian action

The CHS Alliance is the result of a 12-month survey, conducted in three phases and facilitated by international self-regulatory bodies in the humanitarian sector, such as HAP International, People In Aid and the Sphere Project. The consultation brought together many experts regarding the quality of field interventions and highlighted the need for harmonization of standards, based on humanitarian principles with accountability to affected populations as a central point.

Set up in 2015, the Fundamental Humanitarian Standard for Quality and Accountability revolves around nine axes, including the participation of stakeholders in the development of interventions for a response that is relevant, adapted and appropriate to their needs. This set of nine pledges is designed so that organizations and individuals involved in humanitarian response may use them to improve the quality and effectiveness of the assistance they provide.

For 40 years, Aide et Action, an association for development through education, has been involved with the most vulnerable and marginalized populations and has based its intervention on the principles of action that are accountability, solidarity, and transparency.

Aide et Action focuses on quality

Aide et Action is aware of operating in a changing environment, where the expectations in terms of quality on the part of stakeholders are increasingly high. Quality is not limited to projects only but concerns all areas of activity of the organization and its partners and it is part of the logic of continuous improvement. By joining this alliance, our organization aims, as our strategic plan (2020-2024) indicates, to improve our impact on the ground and our accountability to all stakeholders and in particular to the populations involved in the field that we support on a daily basis.

Aide et Action must, therefore, guarantee effective, efficient, ethical, and transparent operation and ensure compliance with guidelines, optimization of the allocation of resources, compliance with regulations, and quality of information on accountability for its action.

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