Aide et Action Magazine: Inclusive Education, Equal Chances
23 juin 2021

Disability, ethnic origin, gender, religion … there are many obstacles to the education of millions of children around the world. Increasing access to quality education for each and everyone has been for Aide et Action’s mission for the past 40 years. We have taken action to remove barriers to participation and success for all learners, respecting the diversity of their needs and reducing all forms of discrimination in the learning environment.

In India, Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Romania and the many other countries we work in, our projects are linked to raising awareness among populations and authorities about the importance of inclusion. We develop appropriate solutions so that no child is left behind. It is by acting simultaneously on the social, institutional, and physical obstacles and behavioural issues that we can sustainably improve the situation.

Learn more about our work and what exactly inclusive education means in the latest issue of our international magazine. Happy reading!

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