Aide et Action Magazine: Life-long learning is an essential stake for the future
24 mars 2020

We welcomed 2020 is an important turning point for Aide et Action. First, because it marked the beginning of the last decade to achieve the sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations in order to
ensure, by 2030, peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

Among these objectives, that of quality education for all is the one we are committed to across our 19 countries of operation. But, 2020 also marks an evolution in the mission of Aide et Action which now focuses its support on the most vulnerable populations (especially children, girls and women), throughout life, so that they acquire knowledge from preschool to socio-vocational training, going through primary and secondary – with the sole objective of providing each and everyone with all the same development opportunities.

In addition to the projects it leads in the field, Aide et Action will support
populations on their way to citizenship so that they contribute to social change at the local, both at the national and international levels. These new areas of intervention will take into account climate challenges, security, and migration.

As the world grapples with the global pandemic of COVID-19, we believe our mission has never been more important. Currently, over 1 billion children are out of school and the already vulnerable and marginalized will the ones to suffer most from this. We are working on new ways of reaching our beneficiaries through innovative and flexible learning strategies as schools remain closed. We are also working on hygiene education projects as well as anticipating how we can best support those worst affected when emergency measures are lifted.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy reading about our work to-date and enjoy some good news stories on the power of education.

Happy reading!

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