Aide et Action Magazine: Our COVID response in the face of the crisis
23 juin 2020

Education helps prevents epidemics, it teaches hygiene, it is sometimes the only solution to make up for the lack of vaccines; it can act on health problems everywhere in the world; education is a cure. This is why, in the face of the global health crisis that we have been going through for months, Aide et Action considers that education has now, more than ever, a role to play!

While we understand that this period is a source of anxiety and doubts, we must not lose sight of the essence of how to manage it: through solidarity. As the virus has affected all populations, on all continents, it is still the most vulnerable and the most marginalized ones who are the first affected. Among them: children and
young people.

At the worst of the crisis, more than 1.5 billion were deprived of education, or 91% of the world’s student population! Away from school, but also from life in society, many found themselves isolated, both academically and in terms of health.

In this context, Aide et Action quickly adapted its projects in order to support, at best, the populations we support on a daily basis. In India, Cambodia, Togo and Romania, we have developed emergency activities allowing to meet their specific needs such as food distributions, the installation of hand-washing stations, or the development of digital learning applications. So many essential devices that we detail for you in this special issue learning our magazine.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work to-date and enjoy some good news stories on the power of education to heal and support during times of crisis.

Happy reading!

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