Aide et Action Annual Activity Report 2020
20 octobre 2021

In just 12 months, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a staggering 1.6 billion children were deprived of school, confined to their homes and in the best of cases scenarios, limited to distance learning. But the learning tools, digital or otherwise, put in place by the States were implemented in a hurry, without adequate means, without preparing the teachers, without specific adaptation to the most vulnerable children. Our teams on the ground bore witness to this on a daily basis.

Our impact in 2020

Faced with this crisis and its unprecedented consequences, Aide et Action’s teams mobilised all over the world, as quickly as possible, to restore access to essential rights, by distributing food kits, facilitating access to healthcare for children and women, and ensuring the well-being and protection of children. Thanks to our partners and the support of our 51,453 individual donors, in 2020 we implemented 85 projects in Africa, Asia and Europe – particularly in France – for more than 2.9 million children, young people and adults.

We have worked to maintain the continuity of education through home visits by teachers, remote or face-to-face support classes, in compliance with health measures, the distribution of radios, the loan of computer equipment, and by facilitating the reopening of schools, where possible, with increased awareness of protection measures and the construction of latrines and drinking water points, which are still all too often absent in many schools.

Our activities in Southeast Asia

Our Covid-19 response in Southeast Asia focused on a dual approach of immediate response and longer-term recovery. Immediate support was provided to the most marginalised communities through the distribution of food, hygiene and sanitation kits, the installation of hand-washing stations and the dissemination of information and awareness-building campaigns on virus prevention and the adoption of protection measures.

Parents and families received material and training on positive parenting and support for distance education for their children through the use of digital resources. Teachers also received regular support through Aide et Action’s communication channels, including Facebook and Telegram groups, for the use of digital resources and support for distance education of children in their communities. In 2020, we ran nine projects in Southeast Asia, spanning three countries – Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam – and reached 163,118 people. Download our 2020 activity report to learn more about what we did and who we reached.

Thank you

A special thank you goes out to our volunteers, donors, and partners who relentlessly take action. Our impact would be impossible without the mobilisation of our teams in the field, our employees and our managers, who embody the values and know-how that has built our reputation over the past 40 last years.

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