Governance in
Southeast Asia

Advisory Board & Thematic Committees

Our Regional Board plays an important advisory role in the development and preparation of the regional strategies and annual program planning of Action Education (formerly Aide et Action) in Southeast Asia and provides support for implementation. Our board members offer their collective and individual wisdom, knowledge and experience for us to draw on and make up a formidable sound board for our organization.

We are also supported in our work by Thematic Committees consisting of subject matter experts in the fields of Access & Quality of Education, Early Childhood Care & Education, and Migration. With plenty of experience and knowledge, they are our go-to people for advice and support on these specific topics. Some of them also sit on the Regional Board.

Financial Transparency, Accountability & Reporting

We are 100% committed to Financial Transparency, and provide regular and independently audited financial statements which can be consulted by anyone interested. We aim to give visibility over our financial performance and to make this information easily accessible.

Action Education Southeast Asia’s management is responsible for the preparation of its financial statements in accordance with Regulation No. 99.01 and Regulation No 99.03 as declared by the Comité de la Réglementation Comptable (CRC; the Accounts Regulations Committee), in accordance with the French Law, as well as the local regulations in the countries we work in.

Up until 2022, we maintained a fundraising office in Hong Kong and our financial statements in Hong Kong were prepared in accordance with Hong Kong accounting standards and consolidated with those of Aide et Action France under special conditions. These statements have been independently audited by Ernst & Young Cambodia and Tam, Au & Co, Hong Kong as well as by Ernst & Young France.

Our responsibility to prepare financial statements includes maintaining the integrity and objectivity of financial records, protection of association assets, and compliance with funder restrictions and instructions. We are committed to creating the best value for money and greatest impact possible with our financial resources in any given year.

Statement of Funds 2020

The total income of Aide et Action Southeast Asia & China in   2020 was 1,696,487 USD. Most of our income in the 2020 financial year came from individual donors (sponsors and philanthropists) and institutional donors. We deeply appreciate the generosity and ongoing dedication to our work by these key supporters. Read more in our International Annual Activity Report 2020.

Pooling of Resources

Solidarity between all our members worldwide is a founding principle of Aide et Action International, and also applies to our financial resources. Aide et Action Internationals pools the financial resources raised across the network.

With the exception of funds allocated to specific projects by donors, these resources are then assigned to projects and regions in accordance with the program priorities identified.