In Vietnam and Cambodia, Aide et Action is supporting the most vulnerable during Coronavirus pandemic
1 avril 2020

As of last Friday, March 27, 2020, our teams in Vietnam and Cambodia were able to provide an emergency response to the Coronavirus crisis. Hygiene awareness and the first distribution of health kits in economically-deprived urban areas, as well as isolated villages, went well. Between relief and precaution, the communities were particularly receptive to these activities. 

Friday’s activities marked the start of our emergency program to respond to the Coronavirus crisis. In the field, in Vietnam and Cambodia, our volunteers are already mobilized to distribute soap and disinfectant to children from the most disadvantaged communities. But, also to educate families about basic hygiene principles to fight against the spread of the disease.

Basic but necessary equipment

Hygiene kits made up of cylindrical water containers fitted with taps, soap, brochures and information posters on practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were shared. Basic but necessary equipment.

To avoid the risk of spreading the virus by sending our employees based in major cities to other areas of the country, we decided to work with volunteers living in the same communities we wish to reach. These field agents, already identified in advance by Aide et Action, are mainly responsible for coordinating and monitoring activities. Teachers, village chiefs, and local associations are also involved in mobilizing the community.

A fast response

During these activities, the precautionary measures are particularly strict. All persons are requested to wear masks and to wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel at the distribution points and a distance of 2 meters between each is requested.

A new hand-washing station is set up in a slum community in Phnom Penh. Photo: Chhim Nouv for Aide et Action, 2020.

Families living in these isolated and disadvantaged areas do not always have basic health facilities and are sometimes poorly informed about good practices to adopt regarding the spread of disease. Thanks to the relationships we have built with local authorities, schools and community members, we have been able to respond quickly to the crisis to provide support in these remote areas.

This program developed by Aide et Action does not consist in providing a health response as such, but rather in educating populations in health in order to limit the impact of Coronavirus. In this critical period, we believe that quality education has the potential to save lives.

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