Aide et Action Magazine: Women’s education remains our priority
29 mars 2022

Aide et Action has been implementing development projects for over 40 years and our conviction is all-encompassing: changing the world through education.

Education provides women and men with the ability to write their own history, avoid social predispositions, and follow a path other than the one imposed before their birth by family, society, religion or sex.

We remain committed to women who have been unfairly deprived of education and who were among the first to experience the negative implications of the negative Covid-19 pandemic and remain more at risk to job losses, abuse and violence.

More than half of the human race is now living without one or more of their fundamental rights because they were born women. We cannot tolerate this. This is why today for the first time in our history, Aide et Action is launching a movement for women’s education, so that everyone can access a pathway that enables them to realise their rights on an individual basis and gain more autonomy over their futures.

In this latest issue of our Magazine, find out how our projects are taking urgent issues into account and responding to the constraints that threaten progress toward gender equality.

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