Aide et Action Magazine: Rethinking education after the coronavirus crisis
8 décembre 2020

Around the world, education that teaches, enlightens, liberates and works for a better world has become a target of extremist and obscurantist attacks. This, coupled with the threat that COVID-19 also poses to education, jeopardizes the future of a whole generation, and it is more urgent than ever to remain mobilized in order to defend and guarantee the right to quality education for all.

For 40 years, education for all has been Aide et Action’s main mission. After all, education is the corner stone for human development and building peaceful societies. Together we have many challenges to overcome in order to ensure access to quality education for all and in particular for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, especially during these troubled times.

As we come to the end of 2020, it is essential to maintain our efforts so that progress made in recent years will not be diminished or even reversed. The danger is very real: 16 million additional children may never return to school after this crisis. We cannot accept this!

In this latest issue of our magazine, we present education as an emergency that needs our urgent attention. Discover what we have done to date to support marginalised children during the crisis and what we hope to do in the future.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and will support us as we demand access to quality education for all.

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