Warmth for Disadvantaged Children of Lai Chau Province to Overcome the Harsh Winter – Climate Change Impacts the most Vulnerable
4 février 2016

-Aide et Action, Vietnam-

Thanks to the fund raising efforts of AEA Vietnam team through the selling of the 2016 New-Year calendar and the contribution of our colleagues and friends in Hanoi, 18,575,000 Vietnamese Dong (approximately EUR 790) was raised for the disadvantaged ethnic minority children of Lai Chau province to overcome such a harsh winter.



An ethnic minority child in Lai Chau province

Consequences of climate change are more inevitable and obvious than ever. The world is experiencing extreme weather fluctuations at a global scale, summers are getting hotter and winter are getting colder. The severe weather has been affecting the lives of people across the globe. Vietnam is no exception, it is undergoing one of the coldest winter in the last 40 years.



We were very happy to categorize and pack warm clothes for children in Lai Chau province

Lai Chau, one of the poorest provinces in the northwest region of Vietnam, has been suffering severe consequences of the extreme weather. In peak period, the temperature ranged from 0°C to 5°C, even in some areas, it’s under 0°C. At least over 30 communes in the province witnessed snow, which rarely happens in the region. According to the province’s estimation, over 1,150 livestock died due to the freezing weather conditions. The health of local people especially disadvantaged ethnic minority children is seriously affected.



Blankets, clothes and notebooks were given to the representatives of Khun Ha pre-primary school

Travelling hundreds of kilometers from Hanoi, on 27th January 2016, we brought clothes, notebooks, rice, blankets and canvas sheets to the children living in this remote area.

 “Your action is very meaningful and timely, which help to bring a warmer winter to the disadvantaged ethnic minority children here”, said Ms. Thao – Rector of Khun Ha pre-primary school.


Blankets and clothes were presented to the representatives of Chin Chu Chai satellite school 

Twenty two blankets and clothes were given to 67 children of Chin Chu Chai and Ku Ti satellite schools of Nung Nang pre-primary school. Furthermore, two-sheets of 50-meter canvas were also used to cover the wooden classrooms there, which help the students study in a warmer class. 63 blankets, clothes, notebooks and rice were given to 492 children of 10 satellite schools of Khun Ha pre-primary school.



Seeing the children sleeping in warm blankets inspires all of us here at AEA Vietnam. Although our contribution is not significant, we feel very happy because at least our efforts can bring the warmth to hundreds of disadvantaged children there. Lai Chau, we will be back!

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