22 October 2017

The project aims to make young migrants visible, create a conducive environment for learning, care and access to health, nutrition and healthy environment through Child Care and Learning Centers. The CCLCs will be operationalized by trained facilitators who will engage with a child-friendly and stimulating curriculum and quality child learning tools. Parents too would be included in the process and educated on healthy parenting, child care and basic awareness on hygiene and health.

The project will forge a meaningful partnership with employers to improve the living condition, create basic standards of childcare inside worksites and thus strengthen the sustainability prospects for the project. The project will be a replicable model for any urban worksites that employ migrant labor and thus promote compliance to basic standards of child care, education, healthcare and decent living of the families of workers which is crucial for human development in worksites.

The Project will also engage and influence government institutions like Anganwadi, formal schools, health centre to enable migrant children and the families to access basic entitlements from these institutions. The project will also engage with the government (the State and the Central government) to make portability of child care, education, health & nutrition as basic entitlements for migratory children as a key citizenship right.


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