Our approach

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Education for children, women and men is a fundamental, non-negotiable and compulsory right. Yet today, 258 million children, including 130 million girls, are not in school, more than 600 million are in poor conditions and 773 million adults are illiterate.

Our principles of intervention

In the face of this situation, in the face of the ever-increasing crises and conflicts that threaten and undermine respect for the right to education, Action Education mobilises to restore the right to quality education for all,This is particularly true for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations (people living in extreme poverty, not attending school or at risk of dropping out, migration, exclusion, disability, crises, etc.).

In particular, we focus our actions on those populations most at risk of inequality and discrimination, namely children, girls and women.

Our goal: that they can take control of their own development, become agents of change and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Beyond the right to education, we ensure that the populations we support have all their rights respected.

We ensure that they are informed of their rights and guarantee them access to healthy food, care and protection.

We also ensure that they are fully involved in the issues that concern them, starting with the implementation of the educational projects we run.

This is why, we adopt an approach of listening to and accompanying local players and work with them to find solutions to their problems. 

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With respect for the freedom and culture of these communities, Our projects are carried out by Action Education staff and volunteers from the countries of intervention and are supported by local partner associations. The aim is to promote the autonomy of the population and that of all the actors around them (local associations, parents, teachers, communities, etc.).

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Our values and principles

  • Dignity : We believe that education helps to build individual capacity and enables everyone to live in dignity. We always value and respect each person for who they are and consider them ethically.
  • Inclusion : our belief in equal rights for all human beings is unshakeable. By lifting the obstacles Through our commitment to inclusion in education, we give everyone the ability to exercise their rights. Our working environment is inclusive, without discrimination of any kind.
  • Integrity : Integrity, both collectively and individually, is paramount to us and guides every decision and initiative we take. We strive to act honestly, fairly and ethically in everything we do and live by our values.
  • Transparency : Our transparency ensures that all stakeholders have full visibility of our policies, programmes and finances. We are accountable to our beneficiaries, supporters and donors for the best use of our financial and human resources.
  • Solidarity : We are united around the notion of education for all as a way of speaking and acting together with the communities we serve and our supporters. Our commitment is always visible in everything we do, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Action Education encourages its partners to strengthen their commitment to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and to implement it thoroughly.

Women getting to grips with tablets at the Tambindjè digital house in Guinea

Our charter

A charter to protect children and vulnerable adults 

We are committed to protecting children, vulnerable adults, community members and partners from any form of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligence, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual exploitation and abuse in our direct or indirect actions.

In order to meet our commitment, Action Education has developed a Backup Policy.

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Within the framework of this charter, Action Education :

Girls' focus
Ensures that children's rights are respected

in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Access and quality of education
Commits to training its staff

the protection of children and vulnerable adults and to take measures to prevent abuse and exploitation within the organisation and among its partners.

Education for life Vocational training
Meets expected standards of behaviour

Action Education ensures that all staff, representatives and third parties connected with Action Education are aware of the high standards of behaviour and conduct expected of them to protect children and adults from all forms of abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation in their private and professional lives.

Implements effective controls

Implements effective controls to prevent exploitation and abuse in our working relationships or partnerships and ensures transparency in our approaches to responding to any child and adult protection violations.

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Additional procedures have been adopted in the context of sponsorship

  • Action Education will ensure that there is no possibility of abuse or exploitation of children participating in the sponsorship programme.
  • Employees should immediately inform management of any abuse or exploitation perpetrated by a donor, community member, colleague, any other child or any other adult in the child's environment.
  • All sponsors should be informed of the safeguarding policy
  • Sponsors who wish to visit their sponsored project/child are kindly requested to inform us at least three months in advance. The child and his/her parents (or carers) will be informed in advance of the sponsor's visit. During the visit, the sponsor will be accompanied by a member of Action Education's staff, and/or the partner organisation, the relevant local authorities during the visit to the child and the family of the project beneficiary.

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