Youth and adult education through vocational training

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Access to quality education must be possible throughout life, including for populations that have not received basic education. Action Education therefore develops training and socio-professional integration projects in its countries of intervention, aimed at the most disadvantaged youth and women.

What is vocational training?

Vocational training is the process of learning which enables an individual to acquire the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills necessary to exercise a trade or professional activity.

Lifelong learning: an essential access

250 million young people in the world, or 1 in 5, are out of school, without training, diplomas or qualifications (ILO, 2019). They therefore have no means of living, of supporting their families, or of integrating socially. 773 million adults, two-thirds of whom are women, today cannot read or write and find it difficult to integrate professionally.
Literacy and socio-vocational training and integration programmes that strengthen the skills and attitudes needed to exercise a trade or professional activity are therefore essential to enable everyone to benefit from a second chance and to build a more equitable and prosperous future.

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How is Action Education working to develop vocational training around the world?

Action Education wants to help build a world where everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential through access to education and quality learning.

Since 2005, we have been developing a major training and socio-professional integration programme. Initiated in South Asia, where we now have around fifty vocational training centres, this programme is now being developed in many countries of intervention, particularly in Laos, Cambodia and Burkina Faso.

Our training and professional integration programme offers young people aged between 18 and 30, who have at least completed primary school, the opportunity to follow free, rapid and qualifying 3-month training courses in fields as varied as sewing, beauty care, mechanics, hotel service, tourism, accountancy and IT.

Self-employment training is also offered to enable young people to seize their chance and develop their own business.

Our training and socio-professional integration projects

Our programme now focuses on women.

In just a few months, he teaches them skills and know-how and offers them personal coaching to give them confidence and the desire to act.

In the long term, it can transform cultural gender traditions and reverse the prevailing distribution of power.

It is implemented in most of our countries of intervention, including India, Burkina Faso and Laos.

In Madagascar, one third of girls aged 15-19 have at least one child. Stigmatised and rejected by society, they find themselves powerless.

Action Education runs a vocational training project for 900 of them.

For 3 years, these girls will receive psychosocial support. The first training was offered to 300 young women in October 2021. A first training course was offered to 300 young women in October 2021.

The animations, which focused on the development of "life skills", helped these young single mothers to improve their self-image and to strengthen their self-esteem.


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