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Action Education (formerly Aide et Action) is an association for development through education, with no political or religious affiliations. For 40 years, it has provided access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations, particularly children, girls and women.

By basing our work on the values of dignity, inclusion and integrity, as well as the principles of transparency, accountability and solidarity, and thanks to the support of our 50,876 sponsors and donors, we are running 103 projects in 19 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe - including France - for more than 1.1 million people.

Our missions

Action Education is committed to several themes in favour of education in the world:

Defending the right to education

Defending the right to education

Today, 258 million children and adolescents of primary and secondary school age are not in school. Action Education's mission is to ensure that every child, girl and boy, has the right to an education.

Access and Quality of Education

Access and Quality of Education

Poor learning and teaching conditions lead millions of children to leave school without basic skills. Action Education supports people and governments in their education projects.

Education of girls and women

Education of girls and women

Women and girls are still too often denied access to education and the labour market.Action Education runs programmes to eradicate the gender inequalities that still deny girls access to education.

Child labour

Child labour

160 million children are currently forced to work around the world, jeopardising their development and education. Action Education is working to put an end to this violation of children's rights.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education

Children, from their earliest years, must be protected and provided with an education that allows them to develop harmoniously in order to promote their future social and educational integration.

Health education

Health education

Going to school is not only about learning to read, write and count. It is also about having the knowledge to eat well, to know how to prevent diseases and to recognise certain pathologies.

Youth and adult education

Youth and adult education

Action Education develops vocational training offers to provide the possibility of lifelong learning.

inclusive education

inclusive education

258 million children, adolescents and young people in the world who are still excluded from education for reasons such as disability, poverty, origin or isolation.

Our impact

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Our approach

Action Education mobilises to restore the right to quality education for all, this is particularly true for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations (people living in extreme poverty, not attending school or at risk of dropping out, migration, exclusion, disability, crises, etc.).

In particular, we focus our actions on those populations most at risk of inequality and discrimination, namely children, girls and women.

Our community

The populations supported

"Before, our school had no light and when it rained, we had to stop classes because it was too dark. Now we can work at any time. Also, we can take the small lamps home to learn the lessons in the evening because we have no electricity at home."


Aurelle, in CE2 class at the public primary school of Ahovo A, Avrankou commune, in Benin

Our teams

"The Action Education initiative has brought many positive changes in my life. I will do my best to improve my knowledge of early childhood education. I will also sensitise parents on the importance of quality education so that they can engage with us in the care and development of their children.

Giang Thi, teacher at Action Education in Vietnam

Our volunteers

"More than just volunteering, I am convinced that I am committing myself to a cause that I believe is right. In this way, I am contributing to a great edifice where social change and development are prioritised over the objective of growth, reduced to its financial aspects".

Christine, volunteer at Action Education headquarters

Our donors

"We have become very aware that the different projects are developed by taking into account the needs of the population, by relying on resource persons or the authorities of each village and by having the concern to promote access to culture. These different projects are also designed to be sustainable under the responsibility of the villagers helped by Action Education.


Jean-Louis Trilland, sponsor of a project in Cambodia

Our sponsors

 "I was able to correspond with my goddaughter Kushma Yadav and it is a pleasure and a pride to have been able to support education in the world, and in particular in India, thanks to your association. It also allowed me to discover a part of Indian culture and to know the Indian educational system."



Noah Restif, Action Education sponsor since 2016


Our testators

"As I approach retirement, I am taking time to reflect on what I have achieved and what I will leave behind (...) we have contacted several associations, including Action Education, to find out about the different possibilities of giving away part of our heritage. There are lots of options, it's actually much easier than we thought.



Mr P.

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Our story

Because access to quality education helps to fight poverty and disease, limit climate change and build peace in a sustainable world, we promote lifelong learning. We therefore pay particular attention to early childhood care and education, access to and quality of education at primary and secondary levels, and vocational training and social inclusion.

Provide a solid education for all

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