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Aide et Action volunteers participate in educational awareness missions, collect donations for Aide et Action

You are a small, medium or large business company, or a foundation or an endowment fund?

Get involved in education through a partnership with our association and let's move forward together in our future actions.  

At a time when environmental and social crises are multiplying and intensifying, all the players in our society are being called on to take action to change their practices and lifestyles in order to build a more sustainable world. The development of strategic partnerships between NGOs and businesses is an integral part of this approach. Together, we can pool resources, expertise and vision to create concrete, sustainable solutions that meet the challenges facing contemporary society.

Our team will work with you to build a tailor-made partnership to promote quality education for all.

Why get involved in education with Action Education?

Because Action Education develops sustainable solutions with and for vulnerable populations

We are convinced that, throughout the world, people have the resources they need to build a fairer and more equitable society.

Education is the foundation of this change.

Action Education develops its projects using a participatory, community-based approach. Each of our initiatives is based on support for local players. We do not provide ready-made solutions: we help local populations to find the most appropriate solutions themselves. As a result, the association has strong local roots and a strong voice with the public authorities in the countries where it operates. 

Action Education is committed to continuous improvement. We ensure that our operations are effective, efficient, ethical and transparent.

Because getting involved with us means mobilising your entire ecosystem 

Mobilise your employees and bring together your external stakeholders such as customers, partners and suppliers around solidarity projects to defend the right to education.

There are many opportunities for support: 

  • Micro-donations (on salary or in cash) Microdonation: Unite your team around a common project that's very easy to set up. Micro-donations consist of giving a few centimes to an association on a regular basis (salary) or on a one-off basis (cash). Discover the brochure. 
  • Product sharing Link your products to the cause of education and offer your customers the chance to make their purchase in solidarity by donating a percentage of the profits from one of your specific collections or one of your company's flagship products to our association.
  • Organisation of in-house events and collections: Involve your employees in a sporting, artistic or cultural event, and raise funds within your company. 2i Academy : They marched for Action Education!
  • Skills sponsorship Encourage members of your company to use their professional and personal skills to help our cause during their working hours. 
  • Taking part in our volunteer movement : Sign up and join the Action Education volunteer team for an unforgettable experience. to share and bring solidarity to life by taking part in a wide range of missions.

All donations are eligible for tax deduction. More details below.

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BecauseAction Education pays close attention to the monitoring and impact of its projects

The The methodical and rigorous monitoring of our projects enables us to identify the qualitative and quantitative impact of our partnerships. 

For the last 15 years, l'Occitane Foundation supports us in Burkina Faso. In 2021, we have co-constructed the SCOLFILLE project which aims to maintain and complete primary education for girls in vulnerable situations. Despite the very tense socio-economic and security context, the support of the Fonds l'Occitane enables us to accompany 2,000 girls until 2026.

Crédit Mutuel has been supporting Action Education's social mission since 2010. A multi-faceted partnership that involves its stakeholders via the LDDS (Livrets Développement Durable et Solidaire) and its Foundation for Reading. In particular, this support has enabled us to develop the Mag JuniorThis intercultural project encourages young people to express themselves and develop their psychosocial well-being, an important prerequisite for learning and for social and professional success.

The L'Oréal Women's Fund has been working with Action Education since 2020 on various projects in Benin, Madagascar, Togo, Laos and Vietnam. In 2024, the Fund is helping to promote gender equality through women's entrepreneurship in Laos and Vietnam. More than 2,000 women and 2,900 female secondary school students will be supported as part of this project. 

Nadejda's children

You too can make a contribution to education. 

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A closer look at how my donation is taxed 

By becoming a partner, you can also benefit fromtax benefits. In France, for example, you can claim a tax credit of up to 60% of your donationup to a maximum of 0.5% of your sales excluding VAT. 

The skills sponsorship and donation in kind (donation of equipment, loan of rooms, free posting, etc.) are also eligible for tax relief. These types of donation are valued at the cost price of the goods or services donated.

For example, if a company employee lends his or her labour to our association, the amount eligible for tax relief corresponds to the gross salary plus employer's contributions and overheads.

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