A day of discussions on educational approaches to climate change and environmental issues

Join us on 29 November at the Maison Départementale de l'Education du Val-d'Oise for a day of discussion and sharing on how environmental issues and climate change are challenging educational approaches. Places are limited and registration is compulsory, so don't miss out!

The generation of children, teenagers and young people is particularly sensitive to environmental issues and climate change. They can experience awareness, eco-anxiety, resignation and a desire to take action. Sometimes more knowledgeable on these issues, they challenge professionals and share their knowledge, thus challenging the logic of transmission from older to younger generations.

For the generation of educators, whether parents or professionals, the question arises of how to support reflection and educate around these issues. What pedagogical and scientific approaches can be used to tackle these issues, find one's bearings in the information circulating and develop a critical mind? What educational approaches can we use to question our way of living together and inhabiting a territory in a sustainable way?

This study day, entitled "Ecological transition, educational transitions", will provide an opportunity to set out the issues and share experiences, practices and tools from the Val-d'Oise region. It is open to all: professionals from the national education system, the voluntary sector and local authorities, parents and anyone else interested in these issues.

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