Our Community

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Discover Action Education's commitment in a different way: through the testimonies of the people we accompany, our teams, our supporters... A few words to share experiences and understand the usefulness of our programmes and the impact of our actions.

The populations supported

Our activities allow us to be self-sufficient, to help each other financially and not to have to reach out constantly.

Today we even manage to put some money aside.

A beneficiary of the mothers' club in a village in Togo

Before, our school had no light and when it rained, we had to stop classes because it was too dark. Now we can work at any time. Also, we can take the small lamps home to learn the lessons in the evening because we have no electricity at home.

Aurelle, a third-grader at Ahovo, a public primary school in the commune of Avrankou, Benin

Our teams 

For me, guiding students to a better future is a daily concern. For this reason, I try to deepen my knowledge about the students, their families and their living environment, and then I reflect on how to provide them with guidance that is adapted to their abilities and needs. I really want to thank the project team for giving me the means to integrate career guidance into my lessons in an effective way. I am now more optimistic about the future of my students.

Ngo Khanh Chi, 32, is a teacher at Lung Phinh Secondary School in Bac Ha District, Lung Cai Province, Vietnam

The Action Education initiative has brought many positive changes in my life. I feel happy to be able to teach students, including my own daughter. I will do my best to improve my knowledge and skills in early childhood education. I will also educate parents on the importance of quality education so that they can become more involved with us in the care and development of their children. 

Giang Thi, teacher at Action Education in Vietnam

Our volunteers

More than acting as a volunteer, I am convinced that I am committing myself to a cause that I believe is right. In this way, I am contributing to a great edifice where social change and development are prioritised over the objective of growth, reduced to its financial aspects.

Christine, volunteer at Action Education headquarters

Our donors

We have become very aware that the different projects are developed by taking into account the needs of the population and for that purpose by relying on resource persons or the authorities of each village and by having the concern to favour access to culture. These different projects are also designed to be sustainable under the responsibility of the villagers assisted by Action Education. As a donor of the association, this day of visit allowed us to understand the needs and reinforces our will to continue supporting this association.

Jean-Louis Trilland, sponsor of the reading promotion project, accompanied by his wife and four children, came to discover the activities implemented by Action Education in the rural communities of Cambodia

Our sponsors

During the visit to the kindergarten in a village, we saw the modest and functional building designed to provide young children with a basic education in the areas of health and elementary schooling. We understood the importance of this school in the village in order to mobilise the local authorities and parents, as early schooling is an asset for the future (...) Thank you to the whole team who received us at the Phnom Penh headquarters. It is an encouragement to continue sponsoring

Gérard Veryeras, patron of Action Education Cambodia, accompanied by his wife and friends, visited a community kindergarten in Toul Krain, Kandal province, on 7 March 2016

I have been able to correspond with my goddaughter Kushma Yadav and it is a pleasure and a pride to have been able to support education in the world, and particularly in India, thanks to your association. It has also allowed me to discover a part of the Indian culture and to know the Indian educational system.

Noah Restif, Action Education sponsor since 2016

Our testators

As I approach retirement, I am taking time to reflect on what I have achieved and what I will leave behind (...) we have contacted a number of organisations, including Action Education, to find out about the various options for giving away part of our estate. There are lots of options, it's actually much easier than we thought.

Mr P.

I have been spoiled throughout my life. A childhood friend, who left too soon, surprised me by leaving me his beautiful flat in Lyon. I don't live in this city and I don't need anything more, materially. It seemed natural to me to donate this property to Action Education. It is thanks to my notary, who made me aware of the gift on inheritance. For me, without education there is neither progress nor peace.

Mr L.