Sponsor a project to be at the heart of the action

Aide et Action volunteers participate in educational awareness missions, collect donations for Aide et Action

Why sponsor a project with Action Education?

Action Education offers you the opportunity to be at the heart of its missions sponsoring projects involving entire communities: Children, parents, teachers and schools.

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Sponsoring a project means...

Sponsor a project

is about enabling a whole community to develop through education so that children learn, grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment. 

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Sponsoring a project means...

Sponsor a project

allows you, as a sponsor, to build a close relationship with the local communities and teams. 

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Sponsoring a project means...

Sponsor a project

is to join a community of over 50,000 sponsors and donors committed to providing access to quality education for millions of children. 

For the moment, we only offer sponsorship to people living in France and Switzerland. Thank you for your understanding.

You are at the heart of the action!

Throughout your sponsorship, you will receive exclusive news and content from the field. We commit to send you :

Your sponsorship file

It introduces you to the project, the community and the local teams involved in its implementation.


Twice a year, you will receive news about the project, testimonies from the community and the teams, as well as an update on upcoming actions.

An end-of-project assessment

When the project reaches its objectives, you will receive a report and we will offer to sponsor new projects.

Choose the project you wish to sponsor

Action Education has been in existence for over 40 years and is active in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Currently, three of our projects are awaiting sponsorship.

What if YOU were to change the lives of these communities? 

They sponsor

Read their testimonials

Roland, Catherine, Serge and Roselyn are among the more than 51,000 sponsors and donors currently supporting the education of nearly 1.5 million people worldwide.
Read their testimonials:

"I was able to see during these few days spent in Togo and Tanikaog how useful and necessary our sponsorships were. I was also able to verify that the association used them efficiently, by associating the local actors and with an obvious concern to transform them into sustainable tools, even after the end of the projects. I can only encourage you, if you have the opportunity, to make the trip. You will not regret it and if it is your first experience of Africa, you will come back transformed.

Roland, sponsor in Togo

 "Our attention was drawn to the implementation of the software for learning to read and to the improvement of teacher training. Other projects, such as access assistance for disabled students, were presented. We found that Action Education's donations were optimised, but that the needs are still great. We were overwhelmed by the smiles and the joy of life of the young students and this encourages us to continue."

Catherine and Serge, godmother and godfather in Cambodia

"We were impressed by the organisation and the methods you use, especially the follow-up of the young people after their training. We were also very touched to meet the teachers and students of the iLEAD centre."

Roselyne, godmother in India

I would like more information on sponsorship

Sponsorship: our answers to your frequently asked questions

What are the criteria for selecting schools for a project?

The schools where Action Education intervenes are chosen according to the most urgent needs identified, particularly in terms of primary schooling, and according to the motivation of the population.

What happens if the project I am sponsoring ends?

At the end of the project, Action Education evaluates the impact of the project in the community and decides either to continue supporting the project for a determined period of time, or to stop this support because the project has met the needs. The local actors will then continue to manage their educational project independently. An end-of-project report will then be sent to you. 

We will offer you the opportunity to follow a new project. Your donations continue as normal.

What happens to the children who benefited from the sponsored project?

With the knowledge gained at school, they will be better equipped to face the challenges of their adult lives and improve the living conditions of their families.

I have to deal with an unforeseen event, can I stop my sponsorship? What happens to the sponsored project?

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment that can be terminated at any time upon request. Simply inform the Action Education office in your country of residence:  

  • for France: by post to: Action Education, Service Parrains-Donateurs, 53 Bd de Charonne, 75545 Paris Cedex 11; or by email to [email protected]
  • for Switzerland: by post to: Action Education, Service Parrains-Donateurs, Rue de Vermont 9A, 1202 Geneva; or by email to [email protected] 

We will then stop your sponsorship. If you make your donation by direct debit, we thank you to inform us 10 days before the date of your next direct debit.

Our forecasts take into account the vagaries of life that may force you to interrupt your commitment. The use of our resources to finance all of our projects allows us, whatever your decision, to keep our commitments to the communities. Stopping your sponsorship will therefore have no direct impact on ongoing projects.

Why do connections sometimes arrive late?

Correspondence is managed by the people themselves. The correspondence committees organise drafting sessions and our teams then have to collect them. It can take a long time to get them through the local post office. This whole process takes time, and we sometimes encounter difficulties beyond our control (difficult or impassable communication routes at certain seasons, strikes, etc.). 

I would like to visit the project I am sponsoring. How do I go about it?

It is always preferable to visit the country outside the school holiday periods. In order to be able to welcome you in the best conditions, it is essential to inform us of your arrival. We ask you to contact the Action Education office in your country of residence at least two months before your departure: 

  • for France: by post to: Action Education, Service Parrains-Donateurs, 53 Bd de Charonne, 75545 Paris Cedex 11; or by email to [email protected]
  • for Switzerland: by post to: Action Education, Service Parrains-Donateurs, Rue de Vermont 9A, 1202 Geneva; or by email to [email protected] 

We can then give you some advice on how to prepare for your trip and organise your field visit (but we cannot take responsibility for your stay). You are always welcome to visit the projects where Action Education is active. Your visit will allow you to meet the children of the project you are sponsoring, and to see in concrete terms how the association and its various partners operate on the ground. When you return, don't hesitate to talk about it around you!

I don't know what to write in my correspondence...

We strongly encourage exchanges between sponsors and sponsoring countries. The strength of sponsorship is also in this link of correspondence and solidarity. A postcard, a photo of your environment, a poem, an article cut out from the press... are all ways of showing your interest. Think about how you want to introduce your country and culture to others... These are great opportunities for local teachers to stimulate curiosity and develop learning.

I would like to send a parcel

It is always better to think collectively and/or pedagogically: dictionaries, atlases, maps, etc., without thinking in terms of lack but rather in terms of sharing: how would you like to make your country and your culture known? 

We recommend sending letters in padded envelopes (not exceeding 1.2kg), rather than parcels. This will simplify the administrative process and save us from any customs duties. The address to which to send your parcel is shown on your sponsorship file, please indicate the reference of your file. Finally, do not enter your personal details

Our team on site will acknowledge receipt. 

Your parcels should not contain foodstuffs or valuables.

Do you have any further questions?

You may find the answer in our FAQ.
Otherwise, feel free to to contact us !