Our vision: education for all

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Action Education has been providing education for 40 years, access to quality education, for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations, in particular children, girls and women.

Our goal? That everyone can take control of their own development and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

The aim of our various campaigns is to ensure that the fundamental rights of vulnerable groups are better applied, in particular the right to food. right to education for allThe aim is not only to improve access to schools in all territories, but also to combat the repeated exclusion of certain minorities from an often inadequate education system.

Why support access to education for all?

Education is a fundamental right

Action Education defends the right to quality education for all and works to ensure that this right is respected in all the countries where it operates. Free, inclusive and quality education is a fundamental, compulsory and non-negotiable right for all children and adults worldwide. It is enshrined in fundamental texts such as the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

This right was reaffirmed in 2015: 193 States committed themselves, by adopting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals including access to 12 years of free and compulsory education for all the world's children.


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Education improves the lives of vulnerable people

Action Education believes that education is a golden thread leading to development, a right with multiplier effects that enables the enjoyment of all its other rights.

Literacy and numeracy are not just about finding a better job and improving your income or contributing to the growth of society, but much more.

Education Indeed, it allows millions of children to :

  • Learning basic skills,
  • Benefit from one real hot meal a day,
  • Access to doctors or nurses or childcare professionals,
  • Learn the rules of hygiene and nutrition to take better care of yourself,
  • To develop thinking skills to solve everyday problems,
  • Deconstructing prejudices and stereotypes,
  • Learning to live together,
  • Strengthening the resilience of populations in crisis and conflict situations.
  • Being informed of your rights and knowing how to defend them
  • Learning to express ourselves and to participate in all the issues that concern us

Education breaks the cycle of poverty

The world's societies are plagued by economic and social inequalities, widening the gap between the richest and the most disadvantaged. Action Education believes that access to quality education for all, accessible especially to the most vulnerable, allows combat inequalities and create a virtuous circle. It gives everyone the opportunity to learn and to Socio-economic integration into society, offers job opportunities and higher incomes.

Education tackles gender inequality

For over 40 years, our mission has been to support the most vulnerable populations. Faced with the decline in the rights of girls and women around the world, Action Education has decided to step up its action to better protect them. support on the road to education for all.

Why send girls to school? Not only to provide them with the knowledge and skills they have been deprived of, but also to move forward, together, on the path to equality, freedom and active citizenship.

Quality education remains a major weapon against stereotypes and discrimination. In particular, it allows traditional social representations, habits and customs to be questioned, and opens up to young girls a destiny other than the one mapped out for them by the communities.

An educated girl is thus better able to

  • fight against early pregnancy and early marriage,
  • get out of dependency and precarious jobs,
  • defend themselves against the many forms of violence and infringements of fundamental rights that they may suffer.


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