Over the past year, more and more of you have supported our actions. Donations, the support of our partners and the commitment of our sponsors and volunteers underpin every action we take together. Discover the essentials of our accounts and activities during 2022:


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Key figures for 2022

  • 23.5 million total budget
  • 103 projects set up in 19 countries
  • 50,876 donors supported us this year


Essentiel 2022 Action Education - Resources

Essentiel 2022 Action Education - Resources

81 % of expenditure allocated to our social mission

The social mission includes expenditure on awareness-raising and advocacy activities, as well as a share of indirect costs. In 2022, the social mission ratio calculated taking into account funds from all sources shows that 81% of jobs were allocated to social mission activitiesThis is higher than in 2021 (76%) and 2020 (72%). However, if only funds from public generosity are taken into account, this ratio falls to 75%.


Essentiel 2022 Action Education - Jobs

Essentiel 2022 Action Education - Jobs


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2023 in pictures

Low literacy levels among children living in remote mountain areas are attributed to high drop-out rates among tribal children, who have difficulty understanding the language of instruction, which is Telugu. Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh, India, 2023. Chandra Kiran

Action Education has stepped up its efforts in the face of persistent crises that are hitting the most vulnerable hardest. Discover the year 2023 through these three categories: access and quality of education, early childhood education, youth and adult education. These images bear witness to our determination to overcome the obstacles to a world where education is accessible to everyone.

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